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Professional address : LAMFA ;
Université de Picardie ;
33, rue St Leu;
F-80039 Amiens CEDEX 1 ;
Telephone : (+33) (0)3 22 82 75 13 (office) ;
FAX : (+33) (0)3 22 82 78 38

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A review by Michael Berg
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Errata for the book
Representation Theory
Errata for the book
Characters of Groups
and Lattices over Orders
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I am interested in the following mathematical questions :

Currently I am looking at homological problems in the representation theory of group rings, algebras and classical orders. At this point you might like to have a look at the (french) summary of my research which I made for the 'HDR' (sort of a second thesis). In the meantime though, the summary became a little outdated.
  • The structure of a group ring, in particular over the integers, as well as certain number theoretic questions which are closely related to these problems.
  • Derived categories of module categories, in particular for finite dimensional algebras, group rings or classical orders over a local coefficient domain.
  • Various homology theories for groups, algebras and other algebraic structures.
  • Algebraic topology, in particular what turns around homotopy theory and classifying spaces.
    My mathematical teachers from the very beginning