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Yann Palu

33, Rue Saint-Leu
80039 Amiens

e-mail: yann.palu[at]

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Current position

Since September 2011, I am Maitre de Conference in the LAMFA of the University UPJV in Amiens.

Depuis octobre 2015, je suis porteur du projet ANR SC3A : Surfaces, Categorification and Combinatorics of Cluster Algrebras, dont les membres sont:

Here is a link to my Curriculum Vitae.

Research interests

The field I am working in is the categorification of cluster algebras. A nice survey can be found on Bernhard Keller's webpage.

Key words:

Many surveys of interest can also be found on the arXiv:

Cluster-tilting theory by Aslak Buan and Robert Marsh;

Cluster algebras and representation theory by Bernard Leclerc;

An introduction to higher cluster categories by Aslak Bakke Buan;

Cluster categories by Idun Reiten;

Tilting theory and cluster algebras by Idun Reiten;

On generalised cluster categories by Claire Amiot.

Publications and preprints:

PhD Thesis:

Here is a copy of my PhD thesis (mostly in English): "Des categories triangulees aux algebres amassees", under the supervision of Bernhard Keller, defended June 8, 2009.

Some talks:


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