Software - Data files

Math utilities in C

LieDimC, computation of the dimension of matrix Lie algebras.
Rang, computation of the rank of a matrix.

GAP programs

Proof of the BMR conjecture for the 2-reflection groups
Proof of the BMR conjecture for the groups G20 and G21

Data files

Data for Alexandre Esterle's thesis
Homological computations for complex braid groups
Small unimodular matrices
Relation for the Links-Gould polynomial (in construction)
Datas for knots and links.
Representations of G24 and G27 (in french).
Regular representation of the cubic Hecke algebra on 4 strands (= Hecke algebra of G25).
Regular representation of the Hecke algebras for some complex reflection groups (G12,G22,G24,G27,G29,G33).
Hausdorff distance between isomorphism classes of simplicial complexes with 5 vertices.

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