This page contains scans or copys of some documents, either rares or difficult to access,
especially the ones that I quote in my works. It also contains the notes of some talks that
I attended, as well as a couple of other reference documents.

Rare Documents.

Présentations des groupes de tresses pures et de certaines de leurs extensions, by F. Digne, preprint 2005
Fibration of hyperplane arrangement, letter from Li Li about Brieskorn fibration in type F4, 2006
S-functions and symmetry in physics, article of P.H. Butler in J. de Physique, 1970
On exceptional cyclotomic Hecke algebras, by J. Müller, preprint 2004
Factor Groups of the Braid Groups, by H.S.M. Coxeter, 1957.
Petits Groupes Gaussiens, doctoral thesis by Matthieu Picantin.
Notes of M. Kontsevich lecture at the ENS (Paris), 1998.

Notes of talks

Chevalley seminar (Paris) 2005-2006
Chevalley seminar (Paris) 2006-2007
Chevalley seminar (Paris) 2007-2008
Chevalley seminar (Paris) 2008-2009

A couple of articles that I like pretty much

Automorphism groups of residually finite groups, by G. Baumslag
On quasitriangular..., by V. Drinfeld

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