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Welcome to the website of

the Third  International Meeting

on Integer Valued Polynomials and Problems in Commutative Algebra

Combinatorial, arithmetical, algebraic,

topological and dynamical aspects


Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques

November 29 -  December 3, 2010


 Conferences, Meal and Rooms will be located in The CIRM

( International Center for Mathematical Meetings)


If you want to participate to this conference,

 please,  fill the registration form and send it by e-mail.


Scientific Committee:


Paul-Jean CAHEN (Université d’Aix-Marseille III)

Jean-Luc CHABERT(Université de Picardie)

Stefania GABELLI (Universita Roma III, Italy)

B. G. KANG (Postech University, Pohang, South Corea)

Roger WIEGAND (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)


Organizing Committee:


Sabine EVRARD (LAMFA UMR 6140, Université de Picardie)

Youssef FARES (LAMFA UMR 6140, Université de Picardie)

Amandine LERICHE (LAMFA UMR 6140, U. de Picardie)

Paul-Jean CAHEN (LATP UMR 6632, U.d’Aix-Marseille)

Jean-Luc CHABERT (LAMFA UMR 6140, U. de Picardie)



There will be published in the electronical review of the CIRM (avalaible for free).



For your information, the costs are:

Day-CIRM (single room : 1 night , 1 breakfast, 2 meals): 75 euros

Day-CIRM (2 beds : 1 night , 1 breakfast, 2 meals) : 67 euros per person

*****There are no registration Fees******







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