1rst RENALNACA (RENcontre en Algèbre Linéaire Numérique Amiens- CAlais), Thursday May, 30 2017 at LAMFA

Organized by LAMFA (UMR CNRS 7352) at UPJV and LMPA at ULCO

Contacts: Jean-Paul Chehab (LAMFA, UPJV) and Khalide Jbilou (LMPA, ULCO)

Local organization comitee: J.-P. Chehab, V. Martin, S. Van Criekingen

Program and map

9:00-9:20  Wellcome and coffee at LAMFA (BC, on the map)

The talks will be given in Amphi CASSINI (1 on the map, at Batiment des minimes)

9:30-10:10  Yousef Saad (University of Minnesota, USA) abstract

10:10-10:50  Martin Gander (Université de Genève, Switzerland) abstract

10:50-11:10  coffee break

11:10-11:50 Marc Van Barel (KU Leuven, Belgium), abstract

11:50-12:30  Marilena  Mitrouli (University of Athens, Greece), abstract

12:30-14:30  lunch

14:30-15:10 David S. Watkins (Washington Sate University, USA), abstract

15:10-15:50  Raf Vandebril (KU Leuven, Belgium), abstract

15:50-16:h10 coffee break

16:10-16:50  Marcos Raydan (Universidad Simon Bolìvar, Venezuela) abstract

16:50-17:30  Lionel Rosier (Ecole de Mines de Paris), abstract

The meeting will start at 9:00 with a Welcome at Lamfa (Access)

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