Publications & Talks

Here you'll find a list of my recent publications and invited talks as well as a complete list.


  • J.-P. Hermand, O. Grøn, M. Asch, Q. Ren, “Modeling flint acoustics for detection of submerged Stone Age sites”. Proc. OCEANS’11 MTS/IEEE Kona Conf. (Oceans of Opportunity: International cooperation and partnership across the Pacific), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE, Sept. 2011. [Preprint]
  • J.-P. Hermand, M. Berrada, and M. Asch, “Particle velocity in geoacoustics: A performance study based on ensemble adjoint inversion,” in Proceedings of the tenth European Conference on Underwater Acoustics (T. Akal, ed.), pp. 899–908, SUASIS - EAA, July 2010. [Preprint]
  • H. Ammari, M. Asch, V. Jugnon, L. Bustos, H. Kang. Transient wave imaging with limited-view data. SIAM J. on Imaging Sciences, 4, 4 (2011). [Preprint.] [Journal]
  • R. Amdoun, L. Khelifi, M. Khelifi-Slaoui, S. Amroune, M. Asch, C. Assaf-Ducrocq, E. Gontier. Simultaneous optimization of biomass accumulation and hyoscyamine content of Datura stramonium L. hairy roots elicited by jasmonic acid: using the desirability function.Int. J. Mol. Sci. 201011(11), 4726-4740; doi:10.3390/ijms11114726
  • M. Asch, M. Darbas, J.-B. Duval. Numerical solution of an inverse boundary value problem for the wave equation in the presence of conductivity imperfections of small volume. ESAIM-COCV. 17, 4 (2011). Preprint. E-first.
  • M. Asch, A. Munch. Uniformly Controllable Schemes for the Wave Equation on the Unit Square. J. Optimization Theory and Applications. 143, 3, December 2009. DOI: 10.1007/s10957-009-9569-5. Preprint. [journal]
  • Numerical localizations of 3D imperfections from an asymptotic formula for perturbations in the electric fields, M. Asch, S. Mefire, Journal of Computational Mathematics 26, 2 (2008) and Preprint CMAP-606, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytechnique. (2006) [preprint] [reprint]
  • Using reduced meshes for simulation of the localization of small electromagnetic inhomogeneities in a 3D bounded domain, M. Asch, S. Mefire, International Journal on Numerical Analysis and Modeling 6, 1 (2009) and Preprint CMAP-620, Centre de Mathématiques Appliquées, Ecole Polytechnique. (2007) [preprint] [reprint]
  • Adjoint-based acoustic inversion for the physical characterization of a shallow water environment; M. Asch, J.-P. Hermand, M. Berrada, M. Meyer; Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 119, 6 (2006). [preprint] [journal]
  • Localization and increased damping in irregular acoustic cavities. S. Félix, M. Asch, M. Filoche, B. Sapoval; Journal of Sound and Vibration, 299, 4-5 (2007).[preprint] [journal]
  • An analytic multiple frequency adjoint-based inversion algorithm for parabolic-type approximations in ocean acoustics. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 13, 3, 2006. [preprint] [journal]
  • Boundary voltage perturbations caused by small conductivity inhomogeneities nearly touching the boundary; H. Ammari, M. Asch, H. Kang; Adv. Appl. Math. 35 (2005) (full version, short version)
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Recent Invited Talks

  • HUMming to the MUSIC - on the use of control methods for medical imaging. Columbia University, USA. April 2010.
  • On the convergence of HUM with applications to medical imaging. BCAM Bilbao, SPAIN. April 2010.
  • Coupled data assimilation with multiscale filters. CIMPA-UNESCO School on Data Assimilation, Wuhan University, CHINA. May 2010
  • On the use of acoustics for ocean environment monitoring: direct and inverse problems (joint work with Jean-Pierre Hermand, Environmental hydroacoustics lab, Université libre de Bruxelles). LMA, Marseilles. October 2011.
  • HUMming to the MUSIC - on the use of control methods for imaging small imperfections. Journées George Papanicolaou 2011, University of Paris 6-7. December 2011.

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