Representation theory around the channel II

International Workshop in Amiens,

from June 20 to June 21, 2003

Amongst the people who agreed to give a talk are :

Claude Cibils (Montpellier/FRANCE); Galois coverings and Cartan-Leray spectral sequence
Jörg Feldvoss (Hamburg/GERMANY); Symmetric powers of modules for finite Chevalley groups and Frobenius kernels
Vincent Franjou (Nantes/FRANCE); Recollement of Abelian Categories
Anne Henke (Leicester/UK); Comparing Schur algebras upwards
Steffen König (Leicester/UK); Comparing Schur algebras downwards
Geoffrey Powell (Paris 13/FRANCE); Homomorphismes of instable modules between envelopping algebras
Sibylle Schroll (Denton/TEXAS); On Alvis Curtis duality
Catharina Stroppel (Aarhus/DANMARK); Twisting functors and derived equivalences
Alain Troesch (Paris 13/FRANCE); Functor cohomology
and certainly other eminent researchers

A first draft of the schedule is available.

Where is Amiens ? and the Picardie ?

Please write to me if you are interested to come.
Other people who you might meet at the workshop

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